Too Deep-The Deuce Double-WEB-2012-GCP INT

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Artist: Too Deep
Title of Album: The Deuce Double
Genre: Hip-Hop
Year of Release: 2012
Tracks: 14
Total Time: 44 minutes and 24 seconds
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 202 Kbps
Total Size: 63.7 MB

# Song Title Artist Time
01 Move Fuckin Money Maker (Feat. Megaciph) (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 3:14
02 Fresh Communication Remix (Prod. Jacky P Of Bubble Geese) Too Deep 2:45
03 Salmon Breast Remix (Feat. Bamboo & DFACE DXA) (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 2:22
04 Love @ (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 2:46
05 Oh, Word?! (Feat. Chronikill) (Prod. DFACE DXA) Too Deep 2:59
06 Trifecta (Feat. M-80 & Hatcha) (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 2:57
07 N Express (Feat. M-TRI) (Prod. Too Deep & M-TRI) Too Deep 3:16
08 Zooted (Feat. Bubble Geese) (Prod. Bubble Geese) Too Deep 3:49
09 Bad Dreams (Feat. Art-Official & DXA) (Prod. Art-Official) Too Deep 4:35
10 Civil Eyes Achin (Feat. Megaciph & Sierra) (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 2:53
11 Crazy (Feat. Calamity Chris) (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 3:32
12 Progression (Feat. DXA) (Prod. Ice Rocks) Too Deep 4:47
13 Pound For Pound (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 2:49
14 Punxsutawney Piano (Prod. Too Deep) Too Deep 1:40

Release: Too_Deep-The_Deuce_Double-WEB-2012-GCP_INT

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